Greenacre Founders Ben Evans and Phil Cooper on a mission in Jordan

The Greenacre Group is the leading global consultancy focussed on creating a safe, transparent and free environment for civil society.

Our interventions focus on regulations, the impact of international terrorist financing rules, and the measures that donors or civil society organisations can take to protect themselves from high impact but low frequency risks including terrorism and terrorist financing.

Greenacre is established as a leading expert on the topic, and has advised and worked with global civil society organisations, governments, inter-governmental agencies and major international funders.

Greenacre is a partnership-focussed organisation. We have an extensive network of associates with wide-ranging experience in civil society issues to help us implement successful projects in all environments. We also work closely with local partners, to ensure our solutions are sensitive to local conditions and supported by key stakeholders.

Greenacre was founded by Senior Associates Ben Evans and Phil Cooper in 2012. Ben and Phil had previously worked at the Charity Commission for England and Wales, the UK government regulator of NGOs. They helped establish the Commission’s ‘International Programme’ when it was founded in 2004 to provide technical assistance to governments on NGO regulation.

To learn more about our Senior Associates, click here to read about Phil, or here to read about Ben.