Services for Donors and Grant Managers

Due diligence and assessment of Civil Society Organisations

Greenacre can undertake due diligence and assessment of potential and current grant partners on behalf of donors and grant managers. Our focus is on impact, regulatory compliance, governance and risk management, particularly in high risk environments. We undertake desk assessments, visit assessments, follow-ups and monitoring, and have developed and implemented bespoke tools for the assessment of grantees.

In total, we have assessed more than 5,000 civil society organisations in Pakistan, India, Indonesia and Europe on behalf of government and civil society partners.

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Training and support for Donors and Grant Managers

Training on due diligence and risk management

Greenacre provides training for donors, grant managers and project managers on due diligence of potential grant partners. We specialise in providing training to managers of government funds operating in high-risk areas, with a focus on ensuring that grant managers understand their legal obligations and the political and regulatory context within which projects are granted.

Support on managing grants in high risk environments

Greenacre specialises in the development and implementation of government-funded projects supporting community organisations in high risk circumstances. We help provide support, mentoring and oversight to local implementers and grant managers who must balance impact with risk. Our products include methodologies for identifying potential grantees, vetting, baseline assessments, monitoring and assessing impact, as well as tools and training on risk management and due diligence.

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