Due diligence and assessment of Civil Society Organisations

Greenacre provides due diligence and assessment services for donors and grant managers, with a focus on impact, regulatory compliance, governance and risk management. Our Associates include former UK government officials responsible for undertaking regulatory and best practice assessments of charities in the UK.

At Greenacre, we undertake desk assessments, visit assessments, follow-ups and monitoring. We have developed and implemented bespoke tools for the assessment of grantees. These include:

  • Simple pre-assessment of eligibility for grant programmes;
  • Assessment of baseline data as part of a project evaluation process;
  • Final assessment and evaluation of project impact;
  • Full due diligence of long term partners on governance, risk, financial controls and regulatory compliance;
  • Provision of capacity building, support and on-going monitoring to address any weaknesses identified by due diligence process.


Anonymised extracts from due diligence reports completed by Greenacre on Indian NGOs

In total, we have assessed more than 5,000 civil society organisations in Pakistan, India, Indonesia and Europe.

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