Services for Donors

International Donor Services
Greenacre provides advice, assistance or full outsourcing services to international donors using local NGOs as implementing partners or to deliver projects. Click on tabs for details.

Due Diligence
Greenacre provides a comprehensive due diligence service on NGOs for international funders. Uniquely, our risk assessments are informed by an understanding of government perspective, expertise in international best practice for NGOs and an intimate understanding of the particular concerns and risks to the NGO sector. We provide a comprehensive search service, offering capacity building to address weaknesses identified by the assessment process, and advice and guidance to donors and project managers on identifying and minimising risk. Our Senior Associates have undertaken due diligence on more than 100 NGOs for regulators, government funders and foundations in Europe and Asia.

Donor Training
Greenacre provides training programmes for International Donors to advise on best practice in selecting and vetting potential partners or grantees.

Greenacre provides a full range of outsourcing services to international donors, including: programme strategy and design; long listing, short-listing, due diligence and proposal assessments; programme implementation, field visits and monitoring; and project evaluation, impact assessments and auditing.


Greenacre can offer a well-developed due diligence service that allow us to assess the following twelve key aspects of the NGOs structure and operations.

1. Legal framework
2. Governance
3. Project delivery and impact
4. Strategy and planning
5. Accountability and transparency
6. Financial management
7. Financial controls
8. Risk management and security
9. Staff and volunteers
10. Public and government relations
11. Networks and branches
12. Assets and property

In each case the NGO is required to provide evidence to support its responses including:
• Financial reports and audit reports
• Copies of all relevant policies
• Annual reports
• Project reports
• Registration details
• Addresses and contacts for all relevant people such as the board of directors
Our services include desk-based assessments, review visits and needs assessments, provided alone or in combination. We will produce a customised assessment report at each stage of the process to meet donor’s specifications. We can also offer assistance to NGOs in meeting identified capacity building needs.