Unrivalled Expertise in the Global NGO Sector

Greenacre is the leading Global Consultancy on NGO regulation, policy, capacity building and due diligence.

Greenacre’s team of International¬†Associates provide expertise on the legal, regulatory and policy environment for NGOs.

A full range of consultancy services for Governments are available:

  • Greenacre can help in all aspects of NPO Regulation: Our Senior Associates have provided technical assistance and advice to governments on best practice in all aspects of NGO regulation, including the development of and training in new regulatory system for government ministries in the Gulf, South Asia, South East Asia and Sub-saharan Africa. We have also provided advice on NGO regulation to more than twenty governments, and authored or co-authored reports on the regulatory systems in Cyprus, Moldova, Indonesia, The Philippines, Pakistan, Palestine, Morocco, India, Jordan, Thailand, D.R. Congo, Bahrain, Somalia and the European Union.
  • Our Senior Associates have provided capacity building training to governments worldwide, inlcuding the governments or Pakistan, Indonesia, The Philipines, Thailand, Kenya, Jordan, UAE, Kuwait, Cyprus, Bangladesh and Oman, as well as regional training in South Asia, South East Asia and the Pacific Islands.
  • Undertaken detailed due diligence of NGOs on behalf of donors in Pakistan, India, Indonesia and Slovakia. Our senior associates also have experience of undertaking regulatory/best practice reviews and audits of UK charities on behalf of the UK charity regulator, and in training project managers on due diligence and project oversight in Pakistan and the Lebanon.

NPOs and FATF Recommendation 8 (FATF R8)

Greenacre is also the world’s only consultancy specialising in helping governments comply with FATF R8 and IO.10. We have developed comprehensive methodologies to help governments comply with the two key requirements of FATF R8:

We have also delivered outreach to NPOs on terrorist financing and FATF R8. Out outreach work includes:

  • Awareness raising the TF risks, their duties and responsibilities;
  • Training on best practices to minimize risk of terrorist financing;
  • Development of websites and guidance for NPOs on the terrorist financing risk.

Outreach has been delivered in EU (regional), Indonesia, the Philippines, Bahrain, UAE, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan and Yemen.

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