Ben Evans

Ben Evans is the Co-Founder and Senior Associate of the Greenacre Group. Since 2004, Ben has been an expert and adviser for governments worldwide on best practice in NGO regulation, with a particular focus on the risk from terrorist financing and violent extremism. Ben developed and devised a methodology for assessing compliance with FATF R8. He has advised governments and civil society in Europe, Asia and Africa on FATF R8 compliance, as well as providing expert submissions to FATF, the World Bank, the APG, European Centre for Not-for-Profit Law and others. In addition, Ben has devised, developed and delivered multi-country and multi-year technical assistance and training projects to governments and civil society in South and South East Asia. Ben’s career in Civil Society started in 1997, when he joined Liverpool Museums as a Fundraiser. In January 2000, he joined the Charity Commission for England and Wales, the government regulator of NGOs. Here he helped develop and implement a new Review Visits programme, where he led regulatory visits to over 70 charities, and later was senior case office in the Intensive Care Unit.  Ben is a Member of the Advisory Council, Portal Indonesia NGO, an NGO promoting accountability within the Indonesian NGO sector and the Civil Society Core Group on FATF R8. He is also a former Member of the APG Mutual Evaluation Expert Review Group, and Co-Chair of the APG NPO Typologies Working Group.