Ira Novita

Ira Novita is an Indonesian NGO leader with unique experience working with both governments and NGOs in developing the regulation and capacity of the NGO sector.

Ira is the Founder and Chief Executive of Portal Indonesian NGO (‘PINGO’), an Indonesian NGO promoting good governance and best practice in the Indonesian NGO sector. PINGO’s website is established as the leading NGO resource in Indonesia. The website hosts Indonesia’s most accurate and detailed database of NGOs, and in addition summarize news, articles, and updates related to NGOs from a range of government, non-governmental, foreign and domestic sources.

Ira is also an expert in the interaction between civil society and violent extremism, and serves as an adviser to the Indonesian government on the issue.

Ira continues to work closely with Indonesian and Western government agencies to deliver capacity building projects for government officials in the field of NGO law and regulation. She has worked with Kemensos (Ministry of Social Welfare), Kemendagri (Ministry of Internal Affairs), PPATK (Indonesia’s FIU) and others delivering projects on behalf of the UK, Canadian and Australian governments.  Her work includes managing the Indonesia’s domestic review project under FATF Recommendation 8.

PINGO’s website is