Michael Levitt

Michael’s career in non-profits began in 2002 when he joined the new Review Visits outreach programme of the Charity Commission for England & Wales, leading some 130 regulatory visits to charities of all types.    When that programme ended, he worked as senior case officer in the compliance monitoring division of the Commission, carrying out covert monitoring of non-profits and individuals suspected of fraud, money-laundering or terrorist financing, in close liaison with other law enforcement agencies.   Michael’s experience on the “other side of the fence” includes a decade’s experience as chair of one UK charity and honorary secretary of another.   Michael has provided independent governance consultancy to UK charities, including since moving to Israel in 2012, where he has also built up a number of local non-profit clients for whom he provides resource development, including donor relations, grant writing and reporting and board development.

Michael has particular knowledge and experience of Jewish charities and their particular needs, as well as insight into Israel’s non-profit structure.