FATF R8 Compliance

NPOs and Terrorist Financing: Complying with FATF R8 and IO.10

The Greenacre Group is the only international consultancy specializing in compliance with FATF R8 and IO.10. Our Senior Associates have been helping countries globally with R.8 compliance for more nearly fifteen years. We bring a unique set of skills, knowledge and insights into the issues countries face in complying with R.8.

  • We know how government thinks… and how civil society thinks. Our Senior Associates are former government officials who have worked for and with civil society for many years. We understand the language, mindset, culture and concerns of both governments and civil society, and can speak to both.
  • We know what issues countries face in complying with R.8. We have advised FATF evaluators on assessing country’s R.8 compliance, helped governments implement programmes to raise their compliance levels, and undertaken independent reviews of R.8 issues in more than 15 countries.
  • We can help government respond effectively to R.8 pressures… Our Senior Associates have provided technical assistance, policy development, training and advice to more than 30 governments on R.8 topics. We have helped governments design and implement their responses, channelling the pressure to comply with R.8 into regulatory measures that are informed, proportionate and fair.
  •  … and we can help Civil Society respond effectively to R.8 too. Our approach to R.8 compliance is uniquely collaborative. Our Senior Associates have developed and implemented joint NPO-government projects to jointly assess terrorist financing risks and laws and regulations, and to make strategic recommendations for improved mitigation measures.

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Our Services

Reviews of Laws and Regulations

Greenacre offers packages to review legal and regulatory systems from planning to implementation. Our Senior associates have experience of regulatory systems from around the world, and our legal associates bring additional expert assistance. Click here to learn more.

Policy Development

For more than a decade, Greenacre’s Senior Associates have advised governments, parliaments and civil society on a wide range of issues relating to NGO law, regulation and policy. Topics include principles of regulation, global approaches to regulation, counter-terrorism policy, public benefit status, promoting accountability, and risk management.

Implementing Improved Regulations

Greenacre provides implementation strategies for governments reviewing and reforming their legal, regulatory and/or policy approach to the NGO sector. Recommendations are developed by our international experts, and are designed to be achievable and tailored to local conditions. We can offer monitoring assistance to assess the effectiveness of the implementation of regulatory improvements. We have particular experience in delivering comprehensive training packages for government officials, having trained in excess of 3000 government officials over the last 7 years.

Domestic Reviews and Risk Assessments

All countries are required to undertake a domestic review and risk assessment under FATF Recommendation 8. Greenacre with the support of the World Bank, has developed a NPO Sector Risk Assessment Methodology. Based upon official FATF documentation, the methodology is specifically designed to help countries demonstrate their compliance with the key FATF R8 requirements. Greenacre’s Senior Associates are uniquely placed to assist. They developed and successfully implemented previous methodologies based upon the Domestic Review requirement, and have personally undertaken reviews of the adequacy of NPO TF laws and regulations in ten countries. Click here to learn more.

Technical Assistance

Greenacre can develop and implement technical assistance projects to rectify identified weaknesses and gaps in a country’s legal, regulatory or policy response to the terrorist financing risk in the NPO sector. We have provided advise to numerous governments across Asia and Africa on compliance with R8, including developing and implementing major new regulatory practices in Pakistan and Indonesia.

Policy advice

Our Senior Associates have been expert contributors to numerous global, regional and country-level conferences, workshops and symposiums on the FATF and R8. Please contact us if you would like one of our Senior Experts to contribute to your publication or event.